• TDS NO: BRDM02963C
  • PAN NO: AAKFR0735P
  • PF NO: GJ/BRD/65599
  • ESI NO: 38-23901-33
  • CES / VAD-II(CITY)/26/2003
  • G S T NO: 24191603438
  • C S T NO: 24691603438
  • ECC NO: AAKFR0735PXM001

Appreciation and rewards:

  • Proud to be associated with Siemens Power division since last 10+ years in the field of STG related services
  • Appreciated by Siemens as the reliable partner in the field of supervisory activities for their projects in India and abroad
  • Siemens has selected us to be a channel partner to represent them in India and abroad
  • We have received appreciation from the customer for successfully completion of STG project in Ethiopia


   we are aimed for end customers for good operation and maintains for long time for beginning to end with our associated customers and contractors,

we are committed for employee ordination towards technical,HR and dministration areas.

we always first to support customer quality, safety and EHS areas.

we wish always for customers satisfaction.