RKS technovision is a company associated with all group of company in sales and services, manufacturing areas and established their own products applicable for industrial use day to day bases.

RKS techno vision engineering Pvt. Ltd.  is a company carry out  sales and services jobs for fabrication, manufacturing and supplies of various engineering products for turbines compressors and may other products.

With immense expertise in this fabrication industry, today, we are capable of providing any type of fabrication services at any site, be it constructional site or industrial site. as compared to other fabricators, we have an extensive project management experience and the ability to supervise and perform a wide variety of heavy fabrication maintenance projects. We, in our fabrication project consistently integrate the highest level of environment, safety and health practices, Quality Management Systems and cost control concepts to make sure that our clients get a best solution


  • Fabrication work completed in stipulated time period
  • Certified quality of materials is used for fabrication work
  • All the safety measures and parameters are kept in mind during the fabrication work
  • Highly skilled and well trained workforce
  • Fabrication is done as per the clients’ specific requirements without any compromise with the quality


Application We fabricate wide varieties of skylights for numerous infrastructural buildings like schools, offices, colleges, factories, warehouses and sports halls.

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