FABRICATION & MANUFACTURING (associate wing RKS Techno Vision Engineering Pvt Limited)


  • CS and Stainless steel tanks
  • pneumatic pipe lines for industrial purposesTelecommunication_Tower_1
  • Lube oil system for turbines
  • Slight flow glasses
  • flexible hoses
  • Fixed & adjustable orifices
  • Electrical switch boards
  • Piping, Support frames as per specs
  • Cable trays
  • Telecommunication towers

 We design, fabrication as per the requirement of customer.

  • Specialists  in lube oil tanks
  • Undertake piping prefabrication for all types of plants which include:
    • Milter joints preparation
    • Spool Preparation  
  • All types of frames in CS and ss
  • All the Jobs will be carried out by Qualified(certified) welders and fitters
  • All quality aspects followed as per ASME SEC IX.